Temeraire (shendefeng) wrote,

Temeraire's Weapon Form

See that? That there's a Changdao. An old, old, OLD one, but it's a Changdao nonetheless.

Now, imagine one that's all new, nice and shiny, and without all that rust and stuff. THAT'S TEMERAIRE AS A WEAPON.

What is your character's Weapon form?:

His weapon form is that of a black Changdao, or Chinese longsword. The sword, following the normal standard of its type, is 1.95 meters in length, or converted into English measurements would be 6 feet 5 inches long from tip to the end of the handle, with 5 feet dedicated for the blade, while the 1 and a half feet is dedicated to the handle. They were made mainly to deal with the enemy's horses by cutting them down swiftly, making their blades sharp enough to cut through bones with relatively little to no effort for the one that wields the weapon, and so would Temeraire be in this form.


When the Meister wields Temeraire in his Changdao form with a very good resonance, the Meister will experience a temporary twofold increase in agility and speed.

By temporary, I would mean for as long as it is necessary while his user would be wielding him in battle, and would have to be actively fighting or defending themselves to get this boost. I think I should also clarify that this would be gained when someone has gained a good/great resonation with him, not someone that has a medium, or low resonation with Temeraire as they would not really be able to properly synch up with his draconic soul as someone with a great resonation would.


1)With a minimal resonation, the sword wouldn't be too heavy for the user, seeing that the length and weight of the metal would be quite a bit of a challenge for a normal person to handle. The user would only be able to hack and slash away with the blade itself, which is quite sharp enough and can cut through most everything. No time limit, no energy requirement.


2) Dragon Claw Swipe:

Despite there being only one blade, when the blade slices at an enemy, there will be three additional slashes just as deep aside from the one induced by the sword, made by compressed, cutting wind mimicking the blade itself. As its name should indicate, it would be as if a dragon itself had attacked the target.

With medium resonation, the Dragon Claw Swipe can be used. It will have a four-time use for those that stay on a medium resonation, one for each "claw," and drains the user some of their stamina [12.5%]. Those that have a great soul wavelength resonation will be able to use it up to eight times, with the trade-off being that it would be draining up to 25% of their overall stamina. [Meaning that every attack would take away 3.125% of the user's stamina, to be specific.]


3) The Divine Wind:

Temeraire's signature attack as a dragon also makes a comeback in his weapon form. It takes a little bit of time for the attack's preparation as the wind gathers around the blade, but once it's ready to rip, the user need only merely aim a slash at their opponent, and the Divine Wind will not only heavily disorient the opponent, but will also severely weaken them.


With a great resonation, the Divine Wind can be used. It will require some time and energy for it to charge, and can only be used up to four times at first. If Temeraire ever gets a partner and trains with them regularly and can increase their endurance after a while, it can most likely be bumped by one, to get a maximum of five times. Said extra training will have to happen with every meister that Temeraire goes through, for the meister will need the endurance in order to be able to have enough stamina to make the fourth attempt at a Divine Wind attack.

Each use of this particular attack with most likely use 12% of the user's stamina, meaning that a total of 4 would mean a 48% drain total, with the extra one being a 60% total drain of stamina, leaving the user rather tired, as Temeraire would be if he had to use as many Divine Wind attacks while he's in his normal, dragon form.
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