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shendefeng's Journal

14 January
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Shén de Fēng
Divine Wind

This journal is only for RP purposes, and is a part of soul_campaign, a Soul Eater-verse RP, and is therefore not used for anything that will make any sort of profit at all D8 So please, Naomi Novik, don't sue me!. Temeraire (a.k.a. Lung Tien Xiang) is the creation of Naomi Novik, an awesome novelist who created the Temeraire series of books. Go check them out!!!
arabian nights, beating lien, beating napoleon, china, chinese cooking, chinese dragons, cows, dragons, english dragons, equality for dragons, fighting lien, languages, laurence, lung qin mei, lung tien qian, mathematical theorems, mathematics, physics, principia mathematica, pro-dragons in parliament, pythagoras, science, sheep, ships, sir isaac newton, the analects of confucius, the sea, tunnies