Temeraire (shendefeng) wrote,

On Temeraire

This isn't really much, because I know that there shouldn't BE much.

However, this is a journal that was used for roleplaying purposes.

I really like Temeraire and his series. There are currently 8 books out there, and as far as Tem here for when he was roleplayed, he was in between books 5 and 6. More closer to 5 than 6, but still in between.

You could read whatever you want from the application used below.

Still, if you want to leave any comments, please put them here.

They will be really appreciated.

Oh, and he was used in soul_campaign.

So that's about it.

Mayhaps I shall add in more deets. Later on, though.

For now, that's it.

Temeraire, over and out.
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