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Before you read:


Yes, spoilers contained herein. If you are bothered by spoilers, please don't read this, since it will most definitely spoil you since I had to write quite a considerable amount for the application.

Otherwise, if you're not bothered by it, then you're free to read this really, really long app.

You have been forewarned~

Contact Info:

Player Name: Jade
[AIM]: Finis Omne
Plurk: jadequetzal

Name: Temeraire [Chinese Name: Lung Tien Xiang]
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Male
Fandom: Temeraire [A series of novels written by Naomi Novik]
Timeline: A little after the end of Book 5, where Laurence and Temeraire are aboard the Allegiance headed toward Australia, but way before the events of Book 6.

Character Personality:

Temeraire can be quite the complex character, despite innocuously seeming like he is not. Unlike most other characters, he is most definitely NOT a -human-, and as such, he doesn't really think or operate as one, though he is sapient and highly intelligent.

It can be said that he is somewhat selfish, thinking mainly for himself, and those he considers to be his own. HIS. Be it his captain with whom he is rather jealous if another dragon should even think of getting close to him, or even one of the members of his crew, he WILL worry for them and for their well-being, but it also has to deal with the fact that he sees them, again, as his own, HIS crew, HIS people, and thus deserving of his attention, and would go to great lengths to save them for his own sake. He has even saved the life of one of his lieutenants [John Granby] after he had fallen off him, and dived straight after him, catching him in his claws. Another reason that he can be considered as such is because while he does deeply care for Laurence and would try to do everything in his own power to keep him safe and sound, he also doesn't take into consideration how the world at large might deal with Laurence outside amongst human society. For example, what happened in the end of book four, with Temeraire insisting that they should do something about the decision of the admiralty to send a sick dragon to purposefully infect others among the French Armée de l'air [which is a sort of precursor to what can be considered biological warfare]. As Britain had come across the cure while France did not, and since it could potentially spread to the dragons that the French had conquered [such as the dragons from the German states, Prussia, Austria, potentially Turkey, and eventually make its way to China], Temeraire got it into his head that he should take the cure to the French in order to stop the spread of the dragon-disease. This means that he's basically asked his Captain to give aid and comfort to the enemy, which is treason, something for which his captain could be hanged [but Temeraire did not really realize that this could be counted as that]. His Captain assented because he too saw how the Admiralty's choice in sending in a sick dragon to kill off the French dragons in a slow and painful way was pretty low.

It was not until later that Temeraire saw just how much that insistence on action cost his Captain. So yes, somewhat selfish, and in that instance, also a little thoughtless about the way how humans would perceive that action [when it had been Temeraire's idea, and not Laurence's, and yet Laurence was the only one suffering the consequences].

Yes, he might be selfish, but as I had also mentioned before, he can also give out a great deal of affection and care for those he considers his own. In the context of his canon, those would be not only his Captain, but also all the members of the crew, his- crew, all the way from the ground crew all the way up to the first lieutenant. Once he's attached himself to someone, he doesn't like the idea of sharing those precious people [at least, not with other dragons], and would do most anything to protect them, as I have already mentioned an instance above before. This also means that he would fight tooth and nail for them if he could, and if they happen to die in battle, he would also severely miss them. Even if they left Temeraire to advance to become a captain themselves, Temeraire would still make comments, later on [and probably also depending on the dragon itself] about how he misses them, and in the case of Captain Granby, would wholeheartedly welcome him back instead of letting Granby's dragon keep him if she were to put Granby in danger again. He even attaches himself to those people that aren't technically in his crew, but have been in his company for quite a while. One would be Gong Su, the chef that specializes in cooking for dragons, and was hired by Laurence to cook for Temeraire as he had acquired a taste for Chinese cooking. In a later book [book 5], Temeraire laments the lack of Gong Su, who could stretch a cow or a couple of sheep enough to feed several dragons by adding in rice, other grains, and a great variety of vegetables, made rather palatable by also using different spices. Another one would be the guide from China to Prussia, a Mr. Tharkay. He knew his way around the world, as was thus hired to help Temeraire and his crew to go from China on an overland route to get to Istanbul, and onward to get back home. After a while, Temeraire even considered him to be a part of his crew, which rather surprised both Captain Laurence and Tharkay himself when they were supposed to undergo an high-risk mission in Istanbul.

Temeraire is also highly intelligent, and is really not afraid to show it, or more like he would assume that most other people are intelligent until proven otherwise. At times, he might even make exceptions for those people that he greatly cares about, and hold them in high regard despite not being up to par, and would reason with himself as to why he might make an exception. While he might not be well-educated in the traditional sense, he can be said to be more of an autodidact as he has read several complex books pertaining to mathematics and science and completely understood them. He has also read the Analects of Confiucius along with several poems in Chinese, and has even learned to write the language [which comes easier to him to write as they are straight lines for the most part, while he has a little bit of trouble with English since his R's come out rather odd]. He has also taken a great liking to military history, fiction stories, and has even taken a little interest in St. Augustine of Hippo's writings [though he admits that he doesn't understand it quite well as he would like], and will challenge anyone who thinks that he is simply a brute, unlearned beast that doesn't know any better to a small battle of wits, which would really only involve a simple mathematical challenge, and state, "come back to me when you can figure that out, and -then- we may talk." Sure, he can be a little disparaging when it comes to people thinking he is no better than a talking animal that doesn't know right from wrong, but when it comes to people that see him as an equal, he will gladly treat them as equitably as they do.

This is all fine and good as far as when he is dealing with others, but one must take care to remember that he is a dragon, and one grown up in the European tradition, so he has quite a bit of a bloodthirsty edge to him when it comes to warfare and battles. He is able to take in any sort of intelligence about the position of others, and will try to put in his two cents as far as Aerial warfare is concerned. He is also a dragon that likes nothing more than a -fair- fight, as he thinks it rather cowardly if they would order him to go against a cavalry for their horses would just bolt in fear and then he would have to fight humans which are quite small in comparison. He -has- attacked smaller companies, though they themselves also had Chevalier dragons which are at least slightly larger than himself, and he had some help from a slightly bigger dragon in his dragon-militia, so it was all quite fair. Not to say that he wouldn't fight if the situation weren't dire, for he would, and he would fight quite valiantly even if he had several bullets in his body and his dark blood was running quite freely from those wounds, that is how dedicated he would be in a fight. He is not wholly unreasonable, for he can see and understand when he might be at a disadvantage, and try to make things better for himself. He might even have to resort to retreating, which is not really a cowardly thing to do, since it can afford him some time to regroup along with others, come up with strategy, and go back to fight another day in better form than he probably was before.

Character Abilities:

First: There are several sorts of different abilities that only certain breeds of dragons are born with, and the same is so with Temeraire. While other rare breeds can either breathe fire, or spit potent acid, the Celestials are known throughout China and other Far Eastern countries to have the ability of the "Divine Wind." In essence, it is a sort of attack in which he gathers the air in his lungs, and gives off... actually, you know what? I can't describe it well enough, so I shall have to resort to the canon description of it, found in book 1, "His Majesty's Dragon":

"A slow, deep shudder passed along [Temeraire's] length as he drew his breath and his sides swelled out even further against his massive rib cage, making the bones stand out in relief: there was a strange, stretched-tight quality to his skin, so that Laurence began to be alarmed: he could feel the air moving beneath, echoing, resonating, in the chambers of Temeraire's lungs.

A low reverberation seemed to build throughout Temeraire's flesh, like a drum-beat rolling. "Temeraire," Laurence called, or tried to; he could not hear himself speak at all. He felt a single tremendous shudder travel forward along Temeraire's body, all the gathered breath caught up in that motion: Temeraire opened his jaws, and what emerged was a roar that was less sound than force, a terrible wave of noise so vast it seemed to distort the air before him.

Laurence could not see for a moment through the brief haze; when his vision cleared, he at first did not understand. Ahead of them, the transport was shattering as if beneath the force of a full broadside, the light wood cracking like gunfire, men and cannon spilling out into the broken surf far below at the foot of the cliffs. His jaw and ears were aching as if he had been struck on the head, and Temeraire's body was still trembling beneath him."

At least, this can describe a bit of what the Divine Wind is like from Temeraire's end, and some of its effects on inanimate objects. There are several other instances where he uses the Divine Wind, and he is able to inflict some serious damage. It can break apart trees to splinters, and even kill all the birds that were living in there in one fell swoop. In other cases, if the Divine Wind was directed at another dragon directly, it would most likely kill them, as it has been written that a dragon would bleed out of their ears and nose [which is what I would think be a devastating attack on their brain], acting rather woozy for lack of a better word, and might take some time for its effects to result in an eventual slow and painful death, and even the smaller dragons might just up and die instantaneously.

The Divine Wind can have other uses, though Temeraire has not really used ALL of them himself [though if given a chance, he himself WOULD try his hand at it, not that he hasn't at least tried a couple of them himself, but some require more practice and finesse], but have been observed in his cousin, Lung Tien Lien. For example in book 3, Lien helped soldiers digging break lines by using her divine wind on the ice-covered ground, thus making it easier for them to shovel. She has also been seen, by book 5, to take the initiative against an entire fleet of the Royal Navy, by using her divine wind out at sea, making several passes over the water to create a tidal wave so great and vast it completely decimated fourteen ships, nearing more than five-thousand men upon them.

As I have talked with the mods concerning this particular natural ability of Temeraire's, he will be allowed to keep it as he was born with it, but since he will be considerably smaller so as to be able to live in Death City, so will the effects of the Divine Wind be taken to a more reduced scale, though I would think that it will still have the same effects despite the smaller range and scale.

Second: As it is mentioned in the mod notes as to what can be called a special ability, I will also go with Temeraire's highly above average intelligence. In his world, most dragons are intelligent, sapient, and can communicate with humans via speech/language, which is what they are taught "in the shell," that is to say, before they are to hatch. Most dragon species, at least in the British Isles, and what can be thought to be in most of Continental Europe as well, that they learn language during a long period before they've hatched, and then after they hatch, their learning/comprehension ability is quite drastically limited to several weeks afterward [at least in the case of flag-signals]. At least it can be taken that their learning ability limitation is just for language, as it seems that they take to drilling aerial formations quite well enough. Temeraire on the other hand, was conceived in China, carried on a French frigate, and then one week aboard an English vessel, and was hatched, immediately able to converse with people in English without the slightest hindrance. Celeritas, a dragon who is at least over 200 years old, and the dragon in charge of teaching Temeraire and other dragons their flying formations, was surprised to learn that it only took Temerarie a week, where most other dragons would require more time to learn it "in the shell." He was shown to have been very fluent in French during book 1 while talking with a French Dragon named Praecursoris, under the command of a French Royalist, which took Temeraire's Captain, William Laurence, by surprise.

In book 2 [Throne of Jade], it was shown that Temeraire had at least remembered how to speak in Chinese, but also immediately learned from Prince Yongxing [the Ambassador to England] how to write in Chinese as well. It can be thought that he learned Mandarin Chinese instead of the Southern Cantonese dialect, as he said that those Chinese people in Macau "spoke differently" than did Prince Yongxing, who would have been in the North along with his brother, the Emperor of China. Macau being an island in the south of China. Temeraire was learning the Analects as well as various different poems in Chinese, and by the time that book 2 ended, Temeraire can be said to have a native-like fluency in his command of the Chinese language to be able to act as translator for his Captain.

In book 3 [Black Powder War], Temeraire came across feral dragons in his trip back to England in an overland route, and was told by their guide that the language was called Durzagh. Before then, most English [if not, European] scholars thought that Feral dragons did not have any language of their own, so it was quite a surprise for most of Temeraire's crew to find them to have a language at all. Temeraire managed to learn a fair amount of the dragon-language along a precious few in his crew, before they left when they reached Istanbul, with a lot of the Sultan's prized cows. Afterward, during Temeraire's stay in the Sultan's palace [which was more like a forced stay], he was able to converse with two Kazilik dragons, native to the Ottoman empire, and gain enough fluency to be able to talk with them about his experiences in China, talks about how they should be paid for their services under the Sultan, among other things. After they leave Istanbul in the cover of night after escaping from the Sultan's palace, they headed straight into Austria, and from there, toward the north so as to avoid going through any territory that Napoleon had conquered.

They kept going North, until they came upon Dresden, where there were thousands of Prussian soldiers, and several dozen dragons, ready to defend their land against Bonaparte's attack. They were pressured to stay because the English Air Corps had promised the Prussians that they would send twenty dragons to aid them, but by the time that Captain Laurence, Temeraire and his crew arrived, none of them had appeared. During his stay, he also acquired enough fluency of the language to speak to the other Prussian dragons about the weaknesses in their formations, but was thoroughly ignored by the lead Prussian dragon, Eroica, a heavy-weight class dragon that rather much liked to show how "soft" Temeraire was compared to him, the very shining example of Prussian military discipline, and even encouraged Temeraire to eat himself a cow raw, instead of cooked in the Chinese way [as he had learned to like ever since he was introduced to it in the middle of book 2], to which Temeraire caved in. Mind you, this was all said in German, so you can see how fluent Temeraire got to be in that language as well.

By book 4 [Throne of Ivory], Temeraire was made to go to South Africa, along with the rest of his formation, to gain something [something that I do not wish to spoil people with], and during his adventures there, he was able to gain a good enough command of the Xhosa language to understand other dragons talk badly about him, his captain, crew, and the others as well.

All in all, he knows: English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Durzagh [Dragon Language], Turkish, German, and Xhosa. Seven languages, in the span of three years of Temeraire's life. His learning curve, unlike most other dragons, or humans for that matter, is extremely high, and will remain so for the rest of his life, seeing as the Chinese had bred the Imperials [from which the Celestial breed comes from] and the Celestials themselves for intelligence first and foremost. In China, the Celestials have no real need to undergo the examinations required to join in the Imperial Civil Service, though they have been known to actually take them regardless.

That's languages.

He also has an aptitude toward Aerial warfare, Mathematics, Science, as well as Politics, or as political as he can get when it comes to dragon-society, and then dealing with the human aspect of it trying to gain concessions from General Wellesley for the welfare of all the dragons in Britain.

He has learnt the translation of Sir Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica by heart, which also means that he has a remarkable memory for one so young. He has devoured book after book after book, and is still quite insatiable when it comes to learning anything and everything about the world around him, though he does prefer mathematics and science over most religious writings as the former makes more sense than the latter.

Third: Would be his natural ability to fly. Like most dragons in his world, he is a hexapod with forelegs, hindlegs, and wings, and in this world, all dragons have something called "air sacs" that help them be naturally buoyant in the air, allowing even the biggest and heaviest of the dragons to be able to stay aloft. There is one thing about Temeraire that is completely different from other dragons - he is able to hover in place while he flies, sort of like a helicopter staying put in one place. Other dragons, most notably the European breeds, cannot do this, for they must stay in motion for them to stay aloft. It is noted that this is a common ability for Celestials, and most likely for the Imperials as well. He can also stoop at a very high speeds, fly at higher speeds than a Regal Copper which is in its same weight-class [though of course a Regal Copper can most definitely outweigh Temeraire. He's more Sleek and "lengthy" than he is large and bulky, though he is nearly as large as one], and has a good endurance for dragons of his class.

Character Weaknesses:

The main one: BEING WITHOUT HIS BELOVED CAPTAIN, WILLIAM LAURENCE. He has shown time and time again that he cannot even stand the thought of being parted with Laurence. In book 1, he clearly stated that he wouldn't care about any sort of mission that he would be undergoing [and in that case, was to help carry an injured dragon], but that he would always choose Laurance, no matter whose life he may put at risk. Laurence was at risk to fall off Temeraire since he didn't have his carabiner strapped on to the harness because he was trying to help mend the torn harness caused by the injured dragon's thrashing and clawing at Temeraire.

Temeraire also said that he wouldn't trade Laurence, not even for all the gold in the world, THAT is how deeply he cares for him. Even in book 2, he would not accede to going to China all by himself. So much so, that the Chinese ambassador had to agree with Temeraire that Captain Laurence, and even his crew, would have to go to China if that is what it took for him to take Temeraire there.

In book 5, Temeraire had been separated from Laurence due to... legal issues, and he had been told that as long as he stayed in the Pen Y Fan breeding grounds in Wales, and did as he was told, that Laurence would be safe. At first he took it all with as much grace as he possibly could, trying to entertain himself by clearing out a cave in which to sleep, doing what little he could with it to make the stay more bearable, and at times even obliged the breeders when they chided him to sire an egg from time to time [though it is mentioned later on that he had -not- sired any egg at all]. When enough time had elapsed, and when the opportunity presented itself, he did whatever he could to have someone with connections outside of the Breeding grounds to ask about Laurence.

When the news wasn't as good as he would have liked, things went from "Cautious dragon" to "CAUTION: RAGING DRAGON WITH NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE."[Though in all fairness, it was because he thought that he had lost his captain because Napoleon's navy and aerial forces had caused the demise of the place where Laurence was incarcerated.]

Another would be if he were ever bound in chains and have to work as a slave, since he saw the slave trade at work, and did not much like it, even commenting to Laurence that if God were to judge the slavers, he should judge them quicker instead of on some day far off into the future.

Another thing that might be his weakness is also the fact that he can tend to be a bit reckless, doing things that he himself thinks is right, without taking into account how it might affect the people that he cares about. He doesn't get several human notions since he finds them to be useless if they happen to go against what he considers to be right, correct, or just, especially if it concerns for his Captain and crew. He would rather argue tirelessly about the points that he would like most others to accept if he feels it necessary, while at others, he will simply -not- speak to someone he considers to be below his level of intellect if they dare try to say that he is simply a thoughtless beast. He might even go so far as to challenge them with mathematical formulas and tell them that he'll only speak to them until they figure out the complex problem he's put before them, making him rather stubborn at times too.

Weaknesses pertaining to Death City/Soul Campaign:

As a tiny dragon, he will be more exposed to humans and be more or less on the same level as them. This means that while he would still think it unfair for him to fight -them-, they might not feel the same sort of hesitation and blast him with bullets and do -real- damage to him and his vital organs if that were the case. When he's bigger, a bullet is really nothing more than a nuissance, and the dragon-surgeons would just take them out and let it heal. Now that he's smaller than he would usually be, bullets, sword slashes, many other things could probably make their way past his skin and go through his flesh. That would be the main vulnerability.

While he would have taken great care about how he moves around humans when he's large, the same would apply when he's small, more out of habit and custom, though with good reason. Humans have hands that only have nails that aren't really dangerous, while he has very sharp claws in any size, so if he would like to grasp anyone, he would have to be careful not to cut or harm them,

Again with size, would be the fact that while he is not -bulky- he is rather long, and in so doing so, he might come across some problems while navigating through Death City, and will have to be mindful of his surroundings which he is not quite use to doing so, thus he will still have to be very, very careful if he doesn't want to act like a bull in a china shop, and he most certainly doesn't want to seem uncivilized or unrefined. One would have to remember the fact that the only time he has ever been indoors was when he was a newly hatched dragonet, and nearly the first entire week of his life, before he was taken out on the deck due to his growth. Ever since, he has always spent time outdoors, or during his stay in China, under very comfortable pavilions made just for his size, and in book 5, in a cave which he himself worked on until he felt comfortable in it. So, it might take him some time to adjust to this new way of just plain being "indoors" since he is now small enough to be able to be there.


Why your character should be a Weapon:

Speaking from his canon, most every European breeds of dragons [except couriers, maybe] are seen as nothing more than fighting beasts, doing whatever it is their captains persuade them to do. Most harnessed dragons would go to war and fight, partially because they might like a good fight, and because if they are harnessed, they are trained to fight almost immediately after they have been hatched from their eggs.

Chinese dragons on the other hand have the option to work for themselves, or work in the civil service, as well as in the military. Temeraire is indeed a Chinese breed of dragon, and one of the most intelligent breeds to boot, but since he was born at sea upon a British ship, he grew up on the European tradition, and has had a natural inclination to fight when necessary, even if it wasn't completely out of duty for England, but because Laurence asked it of him... or rather, implied it, and later on he understood the concept of duty, somewhat. Not that Temeraire doesn't like to fight in a battle himself, because he does, and has fought several battles with tooth and nail quite literally. This is why they are seen as a sort of living weapon by most countries, giving preference to those in the heavy-weight classes as the leads in most formations, or are given an important part to protect other dragons, as Temeraire himself was, along with his formation-mate Maximus, when doing their duty to protect Lily, an acid-spitter, as she was a more valuable asset to the British Air Corps for her ability, before it was known that Temeraire had an ability of his own.

What is your character's Weapon form?:

His weapon form is that of a purely black Changdao, or Chinese longsword. The sword, following the normal standard of its type, is 1.95 meters in length, or converted into English measurements would be 6 feet 5 inches long from tip to the end of the handle, with 5 feet dedicated for the blade, while the 1 and a half feet is dedicated to the handle. They were made mainly to deal with the enemy's horses by cutting them down swiftly, making their blades sharp enough to cut through bones with relatively little to no effort for the one that wields the weapon, and so would Temeraire be in this form.


When the Meister wields Temeraire in his Changdao form with a very good resonance, the Meister will experience a temporary twofold increase in agility and speed.

By temporary, I would mean for as long as it is necessary while his user would be wielding him in battle, and would have to be actively fighting or defending themselves to get this boost. I think I should also clarify that this would be gained when someone has gained a good/great resonation with him, not someone that has a medium, or low resonation with Temeraire as they would not really be able to properly synch up with his draconic soul as someone with a great resonation would.


1)With a minimal resonation, the sword wouldn't be too heavy for the user, seeing that the length and weight of the metal would be quite a bit of a challenge for a normal person to handle. The user would only be able to hack and slash away with the blade itself, which is quite sharp enough and can cut through most everything. No time limit, no energy requirement.


2) Dragon Claw Swipe:

Despite there being only one blade, when the blade slices at an enemy, there will be three additional slashes just as deep aside from the one induced by the sword, made by compressed, cutting wind mimicking the blade itself. As its name should indicate, it would be as if a dragon itself had attacked the target.

With medium resonation, the Dragon Claw Swipe can be used. It will have a four-time use for those that stay on a medium resonation, one for each "claw," and drains the user some of their stamina [12.5%]. Those that have a great soul wavelength resonation will be able to use it up to eight times, with the trade-off being that it would be draining up to 25% of their overall stamina. [Meaning that every attack would take away 3.125% of the user's stamina, to be specific.]


3) The Divine Wind:

Temeraire's signature attack as a dragon also makes a comeback in his weapon form. It takes a little bit of time for the attack's preparation as the wind gathers around the blade, but once it's ready to rip, the user need only merely aim a slash at their opponent, and the Divine Wind will not only heavily disorient the opponent, but will also severely weaken them.


With a great resonation, the Divine Wind can be used. It will require some time and energy for it to charge, and can only be used up to four times at first. If Temeraire ever gets a partner and trains with them regularly and can increase their endurance after a while, it can most likely be bumped by one, to get a maximum of five times. Said extra training will have to happen with every meister that Temeraire goes through, for the meister will need the endurance in order to be able to have enough stamina to make the fourth attempt at a Divine Wind attack.

Each use of this particular attack with most likely use 12% of the user's stamina, meaning that a total of 4 would mean a 48% drain total, with the extra one being a 60% total drain of stamina, leaving the user rather tired, as Temeraire would be if he had to use as many Divine Wind attacks while he's in his normal, dragon form.


Soul Description:

Intelligent, Inquisitive, Brave, Strong, Reckless, Self-Righteous.


[Third Person Sample]: A third person sample of your character set during the last minutes they have in their world, and their first glimpse of the kishin chamber.


Temeraire wasn't quite content with the fact that Iskierka would simply -refuse- to go back to England, and had even refused to get off at Gibraltar as well as Madeira when the Allegiance put into... well, not port, since it was a behemoth of a ship compared to most first-rate ships of the line since it was a dragon-transport, but at least it was close enough to it that she could have flown there and waited for Volly to come in with Captain James for him to have sent word to the Gibraltar covert, and have -them- figure out what to do with her. He was of the opinion that he was better off alone than to be in her company. She was obstinate, stubborn and incorrigible, and she didn't think much of Granby if she didn't listen to him, not even if Granby pleaded with her to listen to him. She also wanted him to give her an egg, and he would rather do most anything else than oblige her. It was not that it wasn't pleasant, as he had some experience attempting to sire, but just knowing that it would be -hers- made it completely and wholly undesirable.

At least she was now sleeping, and didn't interrupt as Laurence read to him from Principia Mathematica tonight. Even if he had learnt all of it by heart, he still always loved it when he read it to him. He gave Laurance a slight nudge with the tip of his nose as an affectionate sort of gesture, especially now after he had finished book 2's section VI, Proposition XXIV, Theorem XIX, dealing with air resistance. Laurence patted his nose lightly, and let it stay there after the last pat, with Temeraire feeling the warmth of his hand linger even after he lifted it off just to ask Roland to put the book back in his given quarters. Roland did nothing more than give him a quick nod and hurried off to do as she was told.

Now as Laurence made his small preparation to sleep by his side, Temeraire moved his forearm to better give Laurence some space, and after Laurence told him he was good, he could only look down to try to have a better look at him.

"Are you sure you're quite comfortable, Laurence?"

He gave him a smile as well as a good pat on his arm, "I'm quite sure. Pray get some rest yourself, my dear."

He put his wing back down, but was quite conscious of leaving it open wide enough so as to have Laurence stay comfortable and free from any ocean spray while they slept. He stayed awake for several more minutes, taking comfort in the fact that he felt his captain's warmth, and looked up at the starlit sky. He only took a few moments to recognize more than a dozen or so constellations, as well as a planet or two, before he put down his head back on the dragondeck of the Allegiance making sure to not rest anywhere upon Laurence, and dozed off into blissful sleep.


It felt as if he were jarred awake, instantly knowing that Laurence wasn't at his side, for he didn't feel his warmth. It was dark, and he thought that maybe Laurence was somewhere nearby, probably. Or possibly, he hoped for that, at least.

It was then that there came apparitions of a single, red-headed man, but threefold. He's not calm at all now that there's more light by with to see things, as he cannot see Laurence anywhere, and even as he registers what the man is saying, he can't come to fully care about him at the moment. He was trying to look for Laurence as the man explained that he was brought here to this world from his own, and that any abilities or weapons that he'd had were taken away.

That didn't calm him down at all, and only further served to exacerbate him. If he had been brought here, and if his Divine Wind were taken away, how could he properly fight Lien if she ever deigned herself to show up here? She had done some very sneaky and underhanded things before, but if she could manage to talk to these people into doing that to him...

He took a deep breath, feeling the air in his lungs, the sound starting to echo in his lungs until he pointed his head skyward, and gave a loud, magnificent roar that contained the Divine Wind. Several small pebbles came tumbling down from above, which he managed to avoid, and it didn't seem to affect the apparition of the man who called himself a Death Scythe. After this, only some dust came down as a sort of afterthought, and with this, Temeraire was satisfied, knowing that he hadn't lost the Divine Wind. He would have been very sore if he hadn't retained it, but thankfully [what little thanks he could give] was that he still had it.

After this Mr. Albarn continued on speaking, explaining most everything about how other guests like himself are either meisters or weapons, and that there were people that could tell one apart from the other, and that he hoped that he could use the abilities given to him in this world to help with the war.

It was not as if he were a coward to hide and stay behind if there were battles to be waged, but he immediately thought back at the fact that Laurence wasn't here with him right now. He would only fight, most likely, until he had found Laurence, which hopefully would not take much time since Mr. Albarn said he could contact the other guests that were here. Logically, if he was here, so should Laurence.

The small communication device was completely intriguing when it was given to him, but he was going to investigate it further after he'd found him. He only hoped that he would get to see him soon as they were escorting him out of the chamber, even if his tail was lashing at the air rather anxiously.


On how big Temeraire will be:

He will not be his usual size, which guessing from book 5 [Victory of Eagles], he should be longer than 150 feet, with his wingspan being at least just as much.

He will however be at least as big as a pony during his stay in Death City/Soul_Campaign.

Ponies are 14.2 hands high at their tallest to still be considered a pony, with a hand being 4 inches, meaning that he could well be 58 inches tall [the ".2" standing in for two inches aside from the 56" in the 14 hands height], which would mean that he would be 4'8" high at the shoulder, though obviously his head could go much higher, but not THAT much higher, and it would be more of a moot point when he's out flying since his posture is level with the rest of his body, at which his shoulder would be clavicle-adjacent.

His length from tip of his nose to the very end of his tail can be estimated to be at around 18 or 19 feet [for you see, he is rather long], though his tail can easily curl around him if he needs to in order to fit into a smaller space.

How many people/how much weight can he carry while on land and while flying:

He would probably be able to carry two people at the same time if he were pressed to carry someone on his back and be able to fly, but for optimal performance it would be best if he only carried one person on his back while flying as the load will be lighter and he can go at his top speeds with more ease. This would put it in the range of 300-330 for two people, with 150 being an okay sort of weight for a person so that he can maneuver his way in the air comfortably.

On land... I don't know how to think in terms of that, as he would think that anyone that would need to transport anything, he would fly toward his destination, instead of having to walk a lot. Not that he doesn't like to walk distances, because he can and he will, only that it might take longer having to pull or push anything for a considerable amount of time if flying the piece would make things go faster.

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